Fast Curing Epoxy Resin for Table Top

  • Material: Acrylic
  • Color: Transparent
  • Brand Name: LIKAYO
  • MOQ: 100 Set
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    Crystal Clear - LIKAYO Epoxy cures as clear as possible without clouding or discoloration. See your creation exactly as you envisioned it. Crystal clear, easy to mix, and self-leveling, it’s perfect for both experienced creatives and beginners.

    Versatile - The LIKAYO Epoxy Resin is crystal clear and food-safe with high gloss and UV Protection. It is ideal for jewelry, casting, coating, tabletops, river tables, coffee tables, countertops, serving trays, painting, pouring, and many more applications.

    Easy to Use - Mix until clear with a simple 1:1 ratio of the Part A Resin and Part B Hardener. This process is all you need to get started. Personalize your projects with pigments, glitters, and so much more! For the best results, please mix slowly to avoid bubble formation and allow the Epoxy Resin 24-48 hours to fully cure.

    Everything You Need - The LIKAYO Epoxy Resin Kit will make your project pop! Easy mixing and versatile for use on a variety of projects!

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