Hot Sale Resin Epoxy Liquid Epoxy Resin Coating Resin Clear 1:1 AB Gallon Glue for Wood Metallic Pigments

  • Material: Epoxy
  • Color: Transparent
  • Brand Name: LIKAYO
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    Crystal Clear: Being clear and Resistant to the Yellowing of the epoxy resin and hardener can make your artwork like a tabletop more attractive and more likable.

    Friendly Smell: You can create freely in a Low-Odor environment with 2 Part Resin, which greatly reduces the discomfort caused by unpleasant smells.

    Upgraded Formula: LIKAYO AB epoxy resin kit uses high-grade raw materials and is formulated with an exclusive formula, which can significantly reduce the bubbles of epoxy resin.

    Creative Application: With Less Bubbles and Self Leveling, it is perfect for home decor, bar top, tabletop, floor, countertop, floor, making jewelry, ashtrays, etc. Most importantly, you can send these ideas to your lover.

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