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On May 28, 2022, the purchasing manager of a furniture factory in the United States searched for us through the Google platform, hoping to provide him with a river table resin glue that meets the usage requirements. After communication, the main needs for inquiry are as follows:
(1) Make a layer on the surface of the tea table so that it will not soften when exposed to hot water.
(2) Make it thin, cure best, and be able to withstand boiling water
(3) Make a large table with a thickness of 5-8 cm and strong defoaming properties

Situation analysis:
A. Judging from the surface of the tea table, the furniture factory has high requirements for the transparency and hardness of the glue.
B. It is generally recommended to make 3-5cm, and operate it two times; Note: The defoaming property is best at 25-28 degrees.
C. The glue must be resistant to high temperatures, can be polished and carved, and must not crack, soften, or turn yellow.

Recommended glue: LKY-9302 series river table resin glue

LKY-9302 is a special resin commonly used in large river tables, crystal tea tables, transparent repair of rotten holes in large boards, potting of large countertops, etc. It can also be used in the production of crystal shoe heels, crystal lamps, and various other Specimen-making, resin painting, handicraft ornaments, etc.;
This river table resin glue is transparent and can be filled with fillers. It has high hardness, anti-deformation, anti-yellowing, anti-sunlight, self-defoaming, and other performance characteristics, and is suitable for pouring and molding. After 24 hours of health maintenance, it can reach Shaw's 84D and can withstand boiling water without softening. It can be used as a layer on the surface of tea trays, and the effect is good.

Glue instructions:
1. Agent A and Agent B have different densities. The colloid will be turbid and opaque in the initial stage of mixing and stirring of AB. Stir in the same direction and at a constant speed to minimize the generation of bubbles;
2. After the River Table resin colloid is evenly stirred and AB is fully mixed, it will be completely clear without any drawing or refraction. Pay special attention to the edges and bottom of the container to avoid uneven colloid residues. If necessary, it is recommended to replace the container a second time to adjust the glue. ;
3. The applicable period is 30-180 minutes. Note: The colloid will thicken over time, so be sure to use it as soon as possible;
4. In the initial stage of use, it is recommended to make 3-5CM each time. Experienced customers can estimate how thick they will be, or even thicker. We can produce river table resin with different thicknesses, such as

3~5CM, 5~10CM, ≥10CM, and other different thicknesses. For details, please consult the engineer of the technical department.


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