Kitchen Utensil Set Silicone Cooking Utensils Kit Spatula Heat Resistant for Non-Stick Cookware

The twelve piece set nonstick silicone kitchenware includes spatula, soup spoon, skimmer, tong, etc., which can meet most of the needs of cooking. Silicone rubber material is flexible and soft, withstands temperatures between -55 to 300 degrees Celsius, and has extremely high flexibility and water repellency. Therefore, the silicone kitchen utensils are not easy to stain the ingredients. When cooking or frying, they can be adapted to various types of pans. They are friendly to non-stick pans, and they do not make noise and are very convenient to clean.

  • Brand: LIKAYO
  • Material: Food Grade Silicone, Bamboo, Wood
  • Application: Kitchenware, Cookware, Cook Utensils
  • Certification: CE/FDA/BPA FREE
  • Manufacture Process: LSR Injection Molding, Solid Silicone Compression Molding
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    Production Name Twelve Piece Set Nonstick Silicone Kitchenware
    Components Skimmer, Serving Spoon, Spatula Spoon, Spatula,Pasta Server, BBQ BrushTurner, Slotted Turner, Laddle, Tong, Whisk, Collection Bucket
    Color Medium Aquamarine, Pink, Dim Gray, Purple, Red, Black
    Size Skimmer: 31.5cm*7cmServing Spoon: 31.5cm*7cm

    Spatula Spoon: 31.5cm*6.7cm

    Spatula: 31.5cm*6cm

    Pasta Server: 31.5cm*6.2cm

    BBQ Brush: 27cm*4cm

    Turner: 31.6cm*8cm

    Slotted Turner: 31.6cm*8cm

    Laddle: 31.5cm*7.8cm

    Tong: 26.2cm*3.7cm

    Whisk: 24.5cm*41cm

    Collection Bucket: 16cm*12.5cm

    Weight Skimmer: 66gServing Spoon: 68g

    Spatula Spoon: 76g

    Spatula: 98g

    Pasta Server: 76g

    BBQ Brush: 56g

    Turner: 73g

    Slotted Turner: 72g

    Laddle: 92g

    Tong: 118g

    Whisk: 41g

    Collection Bucket: 116g

     Material Food Grade Silicone Part

    Bamboo Handle / Stainless Steel Handle

    TPE Collection Bucket

    Feature Multiple Use

    Perfect temperature resistence

    High flexibility and water repellency

    Non stick

    Fit for all types of pans

    Convenient to clean

    nonstick cooking utensils
    nonstick cooking utensils


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